Exercise: Life Doesn’t Just Happen — You’re In Control

By Published On: February 28, 20212.2 min readCategories: Learning, Motivation, Support

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Do you feel that life is passing you by?

Do you feel that you are only a bystander, while life makes choices for you?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel that life is happening to them, they are not making life happen.

Unfortunately this is a common feeling many people experience.

A friend of mine told me once that she felt like she was on an amusement park ride, and she had to endure the negative things that her life handed her. She felt that it was inevitable that bad things would continue to happen to her.

Another example is a woman who stated that she only attracts bad men who are not ready for commitment. She is not able to see her responsibility to only accept great men into her life. It’s not surprising that this can cause negative feelings.

Do you ever feel like life is a rollercoaster and you can’t get off?

What You May Really Be Feeling

The feelings and emotions you experience might have a deeper meaning or cause. And sometimes, what’s causing you to feel upset, is something you can control and change.

Irritability = Anger about life, lashing out at our loved ones.

Depression = Decrease in activities we enjoy, sleeping longer hours, poor appetite, increased appetite.

Anxiety = Worry about everything, especially things we don’t have control over. Fret about the future.

Being overwhelmed = Difficulty setting and completing tasks.

It’s All In How You See It

Everything in life is about perspective.

If you feel that life is happening to you, you won’t have a say in how it unfolds and develops. Dreams will become dashed, and hopes for yourself crushed. When something positive happens, it feels as if it was happenstance — that you yourself did not have a hand in making it happen.

Exercise 1: Making Life Happen

Let’s imagine another perspective for our lives. One where we are the director, producer, actor, and audience. Let’s make life happen!

Here are some ways to refocus on making life happen and achieving our goals:

1. Take a moment and envision what you would like to happen. Be in that place and have a clear picture.

2. Write down those goals and visions.

3. Make a list of steps (objectives) you need to complete to make it happen.

4. Continue to reevaluate the vision and don’t let it fade.

5. Don’t listen to nay sayers.

6. Celebrate every step of the way and acknowledge that you made it happen.

Believe in yourself and don’t doubt your passions, callings, and heart.