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Exercise: Nice To Meet You!

We see ourselves in such a negative light sometimes. We can be so rude, disrespectful, and mean to ourselves. We assume that everyone who will meet us, knows us, or sees us; will not think highly of us. Why do we think this way of ourselves? We don’t think this way of others. Most times, when we meet someone, we use words like; “nice, kind, sweet, and friendly”. How can we see ourselves in a [...]

5 Steps to Choosing Happiness When Life Gets You Down

You matter, and your happiness matters. You only get one life to live, and you are 100% allowed to make that life exactly the kind of life you want. One of the most valuable lessons you can learn in life is how to choose positivity when challenges come your way. What Choosing Happiness Does Not Mean. Choosing happiness isn’t forcing a smile on your face no matter what, and going through life acting as if [...]

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