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5 Tips: The Art of Small Talk

So many people dread it: Small Talk. They believe it to be diffcult and that they are not good at it. We all engage in small talk more often than we realize. When we interact with the checkout clerk at the grocery store, with the mail carrier, the pizza delivery person, or a neighbor. All of these interactions are short, polite, and social. These short interactions are vitally important in the social dance of society. [...]

Living Is Learning

Last week, I was washing my coffee mug in the kitchen of our practice, as my mind whirled with a few of the sessions I’ve had with clients this week. As I attempted to scrub the coffee stains from one of my favorite mugs, I began thinking about how our brains are “like sponges”. It’s true. When we are first born, we are like sponges for all of the new information coming at us. We [...]

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